Welcome to Seven Executive

A dynamic international recruitment business focusing on mid to senior level appointments across UK, Europe, and the Americas.


Welcome to Seven Executive

A dynamic international recruitment business focusing on mid to senior level appointments across UK, Europe, and the Americas.


Your International Recruitment Partner

Seven Executive - Your Global Recruitment Partner

Seven Executive specialises in market sectors such as Building Technologies, IT & Data Centers, Construction and Capital Equipment.

We are specialists at offering bespoke and highly proactive recruitment solutions which covers sales, marketing, technical and leadership functions.

With over 50 years’ combined experience and an extensive global network, we are extremely well placed to help with your hiring needs.

We are committed to delivering the highest level of service for both candidates and clients.

We understand the importance of making the right hire first time, which is why we use a comprehensive vetting and interviewing process; to ensure long lasting placements are made.

Seven Reasons to Partner with Seven

1 Higher quality candidates – although we recognise that job boards, LinkedIn can be a good tool for sourcing candidates the top performers in the industry will not be actively looking for a new position so a proactive search where we unearth 75% of the workforce which these recruitment methods typically do not cover.

2 Access to a much wider talent pool of candidates – At Seven we are much more than recruiters we are industry specialists where we have developed a large network of contacts which makes it much easier to uncover the hidden talents which you are missing and expand the search.

3 Risk of a bad hire much lower – we all know how costly a bad hire can be in a number of ways such as costing significant time and money. At Seven we are experts at finding talent which meets both your short term and longer term objectives.

4 Experts at managing the recruitment process and ensuring you secure your preferred candidate – Our professional experience will ensure that we successful persuade those candidate who weren’t planning on a career change, we will keep candidates engaged in the process and ensure that the dreaded counter offer stage is managed very closely to ensure the candidates cross the line.

5 Speed of Hire – Filling vacancies is very time consuming. At Seven we have a dedicated team of industry specialists who will streamline the process and handle the whole process from start to finish. We will always use our network to leverage referrals and word of mouth at great speed to ensure the hiring process does not just give you a great choice of candidates, but the speed of hire is timely.

6 Increased Profitability – Using a specialist search partner is very cost effective. The upfront or complete recruitment fee at first glance may seem expensive but when weighed with the costs of screening, interviewing, advertising, managing the process, getting the hire wrong, it is a very good saving. At Seven we can also advise of the market conditions and important market intelligence which can be quite a benefit for free on top of recruitment fee.

7 Competitive Edge – As you hire the best talent your competitors lose one of their best candidates

In short hiring the best talents will lead to increased productivity and morale.

Seven will help you Find, Attract and Retain the best people in the industry.

By working with us we will be much more than a recruitment partner. We will be a brand ambassador who takes the time out to really understand every aspect of your business which we all know goes much beyond a job specification.

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    What To Expect

    • Proactive and tailored recruitment solutions

    • Market expertise

    • Service excellence

    • Brand ambassadors

    • Professionalism and continual support

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